Mental Health Advocate Influencers To Follow on Instagram

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is living their best life on Instagram? That’s because they are.

Social media is a highlight reel of picture-perfect moments, which can affect our mental health when we’re struggling with jobs, relationships, or day-to-day life. So, this Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re helping your feed go beyond the highlights. 

 5 Best Mental Health Instagram Influencers You Must Follow

Follow some of our favorite mental health advocates to go beyond the filters and fluff.

1. @theyaresam (they/she)

A nonbinary writer and creator living in the Midwest, Sam brings their passion for transformative mental health, nourishment, compassion, and community to life on their platform.

Some of our faves: their reel about how they get ready for telehealth therapy and their posts about OCD.

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sam (@theyaresam) • Instagram photos and videos

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Elyse Myers (@elyse_myers) • Instagram photos and videos

2. @elyse_myers (she/her) 

Hailing from Nebraska and nicknamed “The Internet’s Best Friend”, Elyse uses comedic storytelling to share her own POV as a 28-year-old new mom who is incredibly open and vulnerable. 

Some of our faves: her reels on having intrusive thoughts and anxiety meds.

3. @alex (she/her) 

As an author, certified breathwork coach and a Restorative Writing teacher in Maryland, Alex aims to build community and self-care practices through literature and language. On Instagram, Alex uses her writing to share “gentle reminders” on self growth, affirmations, and more. 

Some of our faves: 3 things she’s making peace with and 6 things she hopes you remember.

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Alex Elle (@alex) • Instagram photos and videos

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Dr. Mariel Buqué -Therapist 🛋 (@dr.marielbuque) • Instagram photos and videos

4. @dr.marielbuque (she/her) 

Dr. Buqué is an intergenerational trauma expert, therapist, and Columbia University professor. In her series #TeaTherapy, Dr. Mariel shares tips to help people become more liberated versions of themselves. 

Some of our faves: her reels on navigating a toxic friendship and building healthier relationships.


5. @heathermaemusic (she/her) 

As a queer, fat singer-songwriter in Nashville, Heather Mae uses music to speak out on social justice issues and build community. She regularly organizes virtual events for people near and far to connect, and shares her experience living with bipolar disorder. 

Some of our faves: her reel on “rage dancing” to combat mental health lows and living a joyful life with mental illness.

5. @heathermaemusic (she/her) 
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HEATHER MAE (@heathermaemusic) • Instagram photos and videos

Valerie Weisler

Valerie Weisler

Content Strategist, Juniperus

Val Weisler (she/her) is a community builder and activist from New York. She’s a sucker for a good story, and loves collaborating with changemakers to make sure their stories are amplified. Through grassroots fundraising, content strategy, and too much coffee, Val has grown her youth empowerment organization, The Validation Project, into a global, award-winning movement of 40,000 K-12 students over the past 8 years. And as State Voices’ Digital Training Manager, Val oversaw the rollout of new digital organizing tools and strategies for the State Voices network.

Val’s work has been featured by Glamour, CNN, Oprah Magazine, and more. She holds a B.A in Education Advocacy and a minor in Spanish from Muhlenberg College. She can quote Mamma Mia! word for word, and makes a killer chicken parmesan.