Social Impact

Your brand’s reputation depends on not just showcasing your values, but acting on them. Building on our experience with environmental and social justice causes, we leverage industry-proven knowledge to build and implement a creative social impact strategy catered specifically to your business, thereby strengthening customer loyalty, reinforcing company character, and adding compassion to your mission.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We explore existing gaps throughout brand operations that can be fulfilled more responsibly while conceptualizing innovative ways to increase corporate citizenship that will ensure you stand out in your industry. From engaging employee volunteer days to creative philanthropic campaigns, we work with you to develop a sustainable strategy for ethical business.

Strategic Partnerships + Brand Activism

No matter your field, there are always opportunities to contribute to your community and partner up to make a meaningful difference. We identify opportunities for mutually beneficial brand partnerships, coordinate planning for these collaborations, and promote the initiative through any and all channels needed.

Content Creation

We communicate your campaign and make sure every piece of it showcases your brand in the best possible light. This means making the most of Juniperus’ other services like copywriting, social media management, public relations, and more, to ensure that your brand’s generosity doesn’t go unnoticed.


Kea Beverages

Client Spotlight

Kea Beverages

We worked closely with Kea Beverages to help them develop their Sip and Support initiative. Through the campaign, they partner with local businesses to offer pay-what-you-want beverages while donating 75% of net proceeds to incredible local charities.