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Born in Atlanta, Juniperus is a creative consulting collective specializing in digital marketing and social strategy. We help companies and organizations of all sizes create, build, and maintain brand identity to help them stay relevant, competitive and meaningful in their industries.



Our social strategy solutions answer “How?” before “What?” .. We produce and push content that is medium specific, timely and relevant in order to get results. From copy writing to copy editing, we will consult with you to determine your best practices and always publish in your unique voice.


Our team produces clean, responsive, websites. Whether you need a three-page info site or a voluminous e-commerce solution, our HTML, CSS and WordPress implementation skills will render the quality GUI and ease of use you want for your end users – hosting, analytics and SEO included.


Our full-scale digital solutions offers everything from creative strategy to campaign launch. We use intelligent insights to target and retarget your key demographics across multiple channels. 


Digital marketing is just the beginning. After we’ve strategized, planned, and produced your content, we’ll make a plan to implement it effectively and follow up with community management. This includes tracking engagement, social listening, and A/B testing across multiple platforms for insights and KPIs.


Let Juniperus bring clarity and direction to your vision. Our market research experience and resources will help determine what works for your brand. Our passion for classic design, insight of trends and foresight towards the cutting edge will focus your attention and define your identity. Logos, promotional materials, social media image assets, merchandise, hand-drawings, vector graphics, licensed products, banner ads, avatars, buddy icons – you name it. 


Our detailed, deadline-oriented planning and task management services will give your live event a fluid and memorable presence. Our vehicle for online exposure is globally scalable. On top branding, creating, and advertising, we also curate live audiences for intimate focus groups and international conferences.


At Juniperus, we create value for our clients by creating, maintaining, and amplifying brand identities. We hope to apply our robust background of social strategy and digital marketing to exceed your goals.

We’ve outlined a couple of our favorite projects to illustrate the impact social strategy can make on a brand here.




We’re your number one fan! Being personally invested in your company gives us the connection to do our job with genuine enthusiasm. We will buy your product, attend your event, and support your cause! We’ll work with you, not for you.


Life is too short to not make a difference. We work pro bono consulting selected nonprofits and learning how we can be better people individually and a better company together.


From taking over the jumbotrons in Time Square to running international campaigns without an advertising budget, we love a challenge and we’re not afraid to execute our ideas! Simply put, we do more with less.


We maintain relationships with many talented, creative, and driven people who aren’t on our payroll—it’s collaboration that keeps us on the cutting edge. We love finding and employing project-specific experts to help us achieve the very best solution for our clients.


YOUR results define our success. From one-on-one consultations to customized monthly update reports, your experience will be consistent and personable. We’re with our clients from start to finish!

Digital Marketing Blog

Twitter Bans Political Advertising

This week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced a change in the way the social media platform will approach political advertising. This change is more adequately characterized as a ban, as the announcement states that the platform will “stop all political...
Ted Terry for US Senate

Juniperus is #TeamTed

You may know him as the “millennial mayor,” having served as the youngest mayor in Clarkston’s history.

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Whether you pronounce it JIF or GIF, the popularity of the 8 bits per pixel animations is undeniable. First introduced in 1987 as a way to easily send images across slow modems, it’s currently one of the most exciting ways to make Instagram stories...

Five Things Every Traveling Entrepreneur Should Know

I just got back from a whirlwind two week trip that took me to New York, Miami, Austin, and almost Denver. Not only was I going from 40º temperature to almost 85º, I was also going from business to pleasure and then to a mixture of both. Here’s a few tips...

2016: The Year of Snapchat

Snapchat got its start in Spring 2011. At that time, Instagram was just gaining a following within Gen Y, Twitter had a stronghold for individuals and brands alike, and Facebook was still the unsurpassable deity of social platforms. Fast forward nearly 5...

#MeetTheStaff Monday | Alicia Harper

Continuing our #MeetTheStaff segment, we want to introduce you to our favorite freelancer from New York. Alicia has been with us since the beginning and she's a lifesaver whenever our clients need us in NYC. My name is Alicia Harper and I'm a 26 year...

#MeetTheStaff Monday | Melanie Catney

For this week's #MeetTheStaff Monday, we want you to hear from our newest team member! Melanie works full time at the Atlanta Braves and has joined our team part-time as an account manager. I was born and raised in Bloomington, Illinois (12 years); grew up...

IBYouth Talks to Our Founder, Amber Schreiner

Incredible Brilliant Youth is a fun, innovative youth organization that was set up in July 2012 to help empower and improve the confidence of young people through workshops and talks on self esteem, beauty, body image, education and employment. To date we...

IF App Makes a Statement (If This, Then That)

The IF app, originally called IFTTT (If This, Then That), is an automation service that is making waves in simplifying the way you live. IF calls on 167 “channels” or services to communicate with each other using “recipes” as commands to string together...

Juniperus Logo by Bora Shehu

Juniperus is Latin for "young growth." We've always thought of ourselves as young, growing producers of brand development and sustainability. Though our portfolio is digital, we take pride in bringing an organic touch to various projects and developing...

International Day of Happiness

Here at Juniperus, our clients' passions are our passion projects. We are often so impressed by the dedication, purpose, and drive of the individuals and organizations we work with that we can't help but take pride in their work, and hope that our own work...

Be Your Own Hero

Suicidal phases. Shattered childhood. Devastating insults. Never fitting in. Failure. The not so glamorous elements of my life that have defined, shaped, and strengthened me into the young man that I am today. The tears have already started to roll, and I...

Pay it Forward Pizza for a Brighter Tomorrow

Have you ever given a homeless person spare change? Perhaps you've dropped a few loose coins into a jar for charity after paying your bill at a local restaurant? If you have, you may have wondered if you were actually helping, or how exactly that money was...

Space Invader Invades Space

Iconic street artist Space Invader has been traveling the globe since the mid-nineties, adding mosaic flair to over 60 cities. It looks like Space Invader’s most recent piece is actually on display in the International Space Station. Space Invader has...

The Atlanta Hawks “Swipe Right”

Valentine’s Day is over a month away but love was in the air last night at Philips Arena. Tinder, the premier dating app for smartphone users around the world, partnered with the Atlanta Hawks. Those who chose to brave one of Atlanta’s coldest nights of...

When Life Calls, Be Sure to Answer

The North Face’s latest ad campaign involves a New York City cab and a simple yes or no question. The North Face drove around the big apple in a taxicab equipped with kayaks, mountain bikes, and other gear. As they drove around the city, The North Face picked up...


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