Run for Office
You may have noticed something different about your 2020 ballot. It likely contained more women candidates than ever before👩🏾‍💼👩🏻‍💼👩🏼‍💼!⁠

Women should be in all rooms where legislative decisions are made, yet it takes women up to seven times longer than men to decide to run for office. There’s plenty of reasons for this (hello, patriarchy), but here at Juniperus, we’re on a mission to eliminate the gender gap in politics.

To start, we’re sharing 3 Reasons to Run for Local Office from She Should Run:

  1. There are so many elected offices to consider…
    • Options include county and city councils, school boards, water and community services districts, ward aldermans, township clerks and treasurers—the list goes on and on!
    • In many communities, especially smaller and more rural ones, candidates often run unopposed. This means your community needs more leaders like you to step up and give the voters a choice.
  2. You know your community best…
    • The smaller the community or district you represent, the easier it is to know the issues that matter to your community. You know where the potholes are, the parks that need renovating, or struggles your schools are having.
    • When you’re involved in your community, you know better who you need to involve to get things done. Many times, it’s not going to just be those who work in the political realm – it will be the small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and community volunteers that you already work with.
  3. Think globally, act locally…
    • This phrase may be used a lot, but it speaks to the power we have at the local level. Local governments have been incubators for new ways of doing things for decades. While state and federal offices hold a lot of power and influence, local governments have the ability to try new ideas and easily see the impacts of those policies.

Are you considering running for office? We can help! Email us and we’ll set up a call.

Amber Keating

Amber Keating


Founder. Women’s advocate. Diversity expert. Amber Keating has worn many hats throughout her 32 years. To this day she credits her entrepreneurial spirit to her mom, who instilled in her that the worst thing that can happen is you land back where you started.

Amber started Juniperus to amplify the voices of people who are making the world a better place. She has already worked with the likes of Adobe, the Sierra Club, and numerous political campaigns—with many more exciting opportunities on the horizon.