The North Face’s latest ad campaign involves a New York City cab and a simple yes or no question.

The North Face drove around the big apple in a taxicab equipped with kayaks, mountain bikes, and other gear. As they drove around the city, The North Face picked up unsuspecting passengers and gave their passengers a choice — go on with their normal day or go on an adventure.

The greatest part about this ad is that it targets people that are not The North Face’s usual demographic. The disguised cab is picking up people who are on their way to work, heading to a meeting, or simply going from one place to another in one of the world’s biggest cities.

None of the passengers answer the question without hesitation, but those who agree to participate are taken on adventures to destinations from Rockaway Beach, just outside of the city, to Utah, more than 2,000 miles away from New York’s metropolis.

Bravo to The North Face for continuing their mantra, “Never Stop Exploring.”

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