Be Your Own Hero

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Humanity | 0 comments

Suicidal phases. Shattered childhood. Devastating insults. Never fitting in. Failure. The not so glamorous elements of my life that have defined, shaped, and strengthened me into the young man that I am today.

The tears have already started to roll, and I have not yet started to tell my story. I have had my fair share of nights where I found myself crying myself to sleep. The tears came because I questioned who I was. I questioned my worth. I questioned if people loved me.

I struggled with self-confidence and self-esteem for many years. I have been let down. I have been broken. Even through all of this, I have come out on top, and I have been my own hero.

I have come to the conclusion that I am not perfect, but neither are you. I have built my foundation, and it is this foundation that has allowed me to reach goals I could have only dreamed about. Now, it is your turn to build your foundation and start living the life you deserve to live. I made myself a promise about four years ago; I want you to make the same promise to yourself.

First, I want you to take a good look in the mirror. See the you that you truly are.

Leave behind who you may be making yourself to be in order to please others. I want you to promise yourself that you are going to live your life to the fullest that you possibly can from this day forward. Lastly, I want you to look yourself in your eyes and tell yourself that you are amazing, you are powerful, and you are incredible.. You cannot go back and create a new beginning or start over, but you can start today and create a new ending.

-Live a genuine and authentic life. Live the life that you see yourself living, not a life that is a reflection of who you are in anyone else’s eyes.

-It is never too late to begin to change your life. Whether you are younger or older, it does not matter. What matters is that you have the ambition to make a difference and to change.

-In such a busy, bustling world, it can be easy to get caught up in our own problems, but we have to remember that there are bigger problems in the world. The question becomes, “Are you seeing beyond yourself?”

Here we are in America with free public education, yet there are children around the world who do not even have access to a single book. By respecting our vast differences, we can work together to create a more synchronized world in harmony and peace.

The world is a very diverse place. There are people from all different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and walks of life. We must celebrate our differences and allow them to unite us, not tear us down.

It can be very easy to become uncertain of who we are, especially in such a diverse world. My challenge to each and every one of you is to always be loyal to who you truly are.

Live a life without hatred, fear, or anger.

Live a life full of love, excitement, and happiness.

We are the future of the world. Let us work together to make a difference. Let us not sit on our couches and react passively. Let us get up, work together, and make it happen.

Today can be the day you change your life forever. Today can be the day you realize you have the potential to change the world. Today can be the day you begin living!

This is your life story. You are the author. The book has been opened. What are you waiting for? Start writing.